The Menu

Small Plates

Introducing our small plate range, designed so that you can choose from a range of different flavours, ideally choose 3 or 4 small plates per person mix and match with others on the table


Selection Mixed Olives
£3.95 (Ve)
Soda Bread with assorted butter
Homemade Houmous
Red Wine Reduction Chorizo

Fishin & Gatherin

Calamari a la plancha
In a white wine sauce, with garlic & mixed herbs
Salt & Pepper Tofu
£5.90 (Ve)
Crispy Tofu served with mixed peppers, chilli and red onion
Panko King Prawns
Fried king prawns served with sirracha-mayo sauce
Miso Glaze Aubergine
£5.80 (Ve)
With Pak Choi
Crispy Halloumi Fried
£6.90 (Ve)
Served with pineapple salsa
Mushroom Stroganoff
£6.70 (V)
Served with rice

Sauces & Salads

Peppercorn Sauce
Blue Cheese Sauce
Roasted Pepper Sauce
Roasted Peppers & Feta Cheese
Superfood Salad
£5.20 (Ve)
Mixed Leaf Salad
£3.50 (Ve)


Crispy Chicken Wings
£3.95 (Ve)
Served with BBQ Sauce
Satay Chicken Skewers
2 grilled skewers finished with satay sauce
Roasted Belly Bites
Served with roasted apple slices and shoxing wine sauce
Teriyaki Beef Skewers
2 grilled beef skewers finished in a teriyaki sauce
Salt & Pepper Chicken
Fried chicken served with mixed peppers chilli and red onion
Black Pudding Gateaux
Pan fried crispy black pudding with roasted diced potatoes and peppercorn sauce